Sunshine in Queens

There’s a neighborhood in Queens, N.Y., called “Sunnyside” but the sunny news regards Fresh Meadows, site of a new solar energy initiative announces by U.S. Energy Group. Here’s the story from Facility Blog:

The USE Solar project focuses on the potential for large multi-family residential and commercial buildings to make use of solar power to decrease their electricity usage, and reaffirms U.S. Energy Group’s commitment to decreasing energy use, energy costs, and the environmental impact of New York’s buildings.

U.S. Energy Group has selected “The Renee” building, a six story 120 unit co-op, located at 78-40 164th Street in Fresh Meadows, NY as the “beta test site” for its new solar initiative—tied to its USE manager Internet-based monitoring system. The Renee, also houses the company’s headquarters and is the beta site for its Energy Management Systems (EMS). Because the roof of The Renee has very little shading, it is uniquely suited for a solar project. This is an important initiative, because very few co-ops in New York City use solar energy.

“I am thrilled to bring solar energy to the Renee,” stated Jerry Pindus, founder and CEO of U.S. Energy Group. “We are developing energy sources and technologies and processes that will help control and monitor electricity usage and achieve immediate savings, while capturing available government energy credits and tax benefits. U.S. Energy Group is on a continuing quest to help buildings operate more efficiently, and this project reaffirms our commitment to alternative energy. We anticipate The Renee will become a showcase for installing affordable and commercially viable solar energy.”

Incentives from the State of New York, in this case, probably gave them enough of an incentive to move forward. That may be what it takes to finally get solar going for the masses. Check this site for details on your state.

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