Time to Ski

About a year ago, I hurt my knee playing soccer and my ACL was subsequently reconstructed. Therefore, I could not ski last winter. This winter, with my knee fixed and rehabbed, and a nice black brace, I’m making time to ski.

That’s exactly what I did today: ski. Day trip to Hunter Mountain with a friend who now lives in Connecticut. We put in a full day, with the last run at closing time (4:00 p.m.).

Got a shorter, lighter pair of skis in October, thinking I’d need something easier to turn with. After the first couple of runs, I got my groove back and started rippin it.

I can ski again!

6 Responses

  1. I like your style…the crossed skis could be the new trend in skiing. Isn’t it hard to turn while skiing in that fashion.
    Is this a pic of you out of control??

  2. In control, but it does look like the skis were getting out from under me, and my right hand is out of position.

    This was on the Way Out trail, so I was moving pretty fast.

    Skis aren’t really crossing, just seems that way from afar. I was in the midst of weight-transfer.

  3. I’m here to testify that Andreko still has the right stuff! If you fix your bindings you should be good for another 35 years or so, (as per our lodge friend). I just hope I can keep up!

    Live to Ski, Ski to live


  4. Good for you! We’re leaving first thing tomorrow to ski. Hope I fair as well with my nice black brace…

  5. I guess this year Hunter Mountain skiers will be skiing on the real stuff. Glad to hear your ski trip went well – it’s always good to get back into the groove.

  6. […] that I’m back on skis, I’ve come to realize lift ticket prices are very, very high. Having a ski week package with […]

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