Typo City

When using stock photography of a city skyline, it never hurts to take extra care to make sure you’ve got the right city. The story, via Philadelphia City Paper:

On Monday, R. Bradley Maule put us on to the sad fact that SEPTA had placed NEW YORK’S SKYLINE on its special Philly Beer Week passes. (Good for one day of unlimited bus, trolley and rail rides, the $9 passes are being offered to discourage people from getting behind the wheel during Beer Week, which runs March 6-15.)


But seriously. New York? No one noticed this. Not the graphic designer who put the pass together in Quark or InDesign. Not the supervisor who approved the job. Not anyone in the office who they showed the pass to: “hey, come check out the Philly Beer Week pass we made.”

Not a good look.

Thank God SEPTA has updated the pass.

Hey, I’ve had my share of typos, but, luckily, not too many. One of the most embarrassing was a job we were printing on a 60-inch press and an intern from Germany noticed the typo — while we were on-press. Everybody missed it up to that point, so we agreed to split the make-ready and press time cost three ways (client, designer and printer). The blue-line was good, but the color proof (matchprint) was bad.

Philly Beer Week.  Nice.

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