Trash & Compost

Last summer, we spent some time in Prince Edward Island in Canada. We stayed in a cottage, so we were livin large — and we got to a taste of everything. Not only the local food & beverage, but the culture, people, healthcare system (ear infection), and trash.

Yes, trash. Not only do they recycle like we do here in the U.S., they also compost all their organic matter. PEI has been agriculturally self-sufficient for a long time, so maybe collective composting is a simple matter. Most people I know in our suburban N.J. town have neither gardens nor composting bins. We go through the trouble of composting becasue it enriches our soil. Far more pleasant to work with than the “Zoo Doo” we got from the Friends of the National Zoo in Washington years ago. They may still sell it locally for fundraising.  I love their ringtone collection.

I was glad to read in Metuchen Matters that we have new public recycling bins in town. Now, if we can only add a comprehensive composting system, we’d be called the “Brainy Boro” again.

Here’s Oscar the Grouch‘s original rendition of “I Love Trash” in 1969:

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