Interesting. Mr. Smith travelled from the U.K. to Kansas using Twitter:

A British man has traveled from the United Kingdom to Wichita in 12 days, and it’s all thanks to strangers on Twitter.

Paul Smith, the “twitchhiker,” is using the social networking site to see how far he can go on the kindness of others.

Since he left March 1st; Smith’s been to Amsterdam, Paris, Pittsburgh, Chicago and now Kansas.

“The idea was born out of frustration,” Smith said. “I had been using Twitter a lot, I’d been for the last year or so and I decided while I was in the supermarket where else I could be in the world and I got to thinking about how I could use Twitter to travel the world.”

Smith is now off to Austin, Texas with a new friend he met on Twitter. Along the way, Smith is raising money for a group called “Charity: water“.

Quite a change from the 60s.

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