Executive Habits

As many as 1 of 5 senior executives are clueless, according to a new study released by the Financial Times and Doremus, the B-to-B agency.

Conducted in the fourth quarter of last year, the study was based on an online survey of 338 global senior executives.

It found that 55% of senior execs are “tech-savvy,” 15% are “technophiles” and 20% are “Luddites.” (The remainder did not answer all the questions and therefore could not be classified.)

Technophiles own an average of 8.7 electronics devices (such as cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players); tech-savvy execs own an average of 5.3 devices, while Luddites own an average 2.5 devices.

“While technophiles skew a little younger, there are still a lot in the 45-to-55 [age group],” said Hope Picker, director of strategic research at Doremus.

Interesting study — especially the conclusion that print still matters (click here for the PDF). Then there’s the age thing…

The older they are, the less likely to … Use of streaming video, RSS feeds, social networking sites, community sites and social book-marking sites decreases with the age of the respondent.

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