Mid-engine Pick-up Truck

Elad Barkin’s Counter Balance is different. A pick-up truck with a mid-engine design.

Got written up in the NYT Wheels Blog:

Designed as a midengine truck, the Counter Balance is smaller than either a Ford Ranger or Chevy Canyon. It is slightly less than 16 feet long and has a V-8 engine that sits under the rear seat.

The front trunk is 20 inches long by 60 inches wide and 30 inches high. The Counter Balance also has a deep bed — 30 percent deeper than other comparable trucks, according to Mr. Barkan — so it can hold more cargo. Its rear seats are elevated above the engine to give back-seat passengers better views. The pickup also has an expandable bed that can go from from 5 feet to 7.5 feet.

And because everyone is talking about alternative energy, the Counter Balance is capable of running on hybrid power, hydrogen biodiesel fuel and other technologies, Mr. Barkan said. “I designated a special area under the bed for either tanks of hydrogen or ethanol or even a pack of batteries,” he explained. “It has the possibility to run on any alternative energy I choose.”

As for the Counter Balance’s unique exterior?

“Don’t judge it by its looks,” Mr. Barkan said. “The styling is secondary to what the truck is. Once you live with it, then you can get to know it. It might be love at first sight, but if it’s not, it might be love at second sight.”

Pausing briefly, Mr. Barkan allowed for a third possibility.

“Or maybe not at all,” he said.

Detroit needs something radical like this: a complete re-think of the pick-up truck. Check Fark.com for comments.

Me? I’d get Ringo Starr to sing the jingle!

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