Do Your Research

The difference between good and great work in marketing is good research. Those that do it right, using honest techniques and good sampling — then properly interpretting their findings — are the ones who become more successful.

Today’s press release from a Sage-sponsored study found small businesses are using social media to further their business:

The survey indicates that connecting with peers and customers are the two main drivers for small businesses to engage in social media. Moreover, entrepreneurs regard social media as an online extension of traditional word-of-mouth marketing and believe social networking will improve their image among customers and business partners. In contrast, 52 percent of respondents said that online security continues to be a top concern preventing them from embracing new social media technologies.

The study revealed that the age of a company has an impact on the triggers and drivers of digital social media. Whereas younger companies (less than 5 years) are more driven to adopt social media by peers (68 percent), competitors (49 percent) and clients (65 percent), older companies (more than 5 years) are driven to using social media by a desire to promote the company and its products (44 percent). The survey also found that younger companies are more concerned with finding business services and getting advice on starting and managing their business as compared to their older counterparts.

Interesting? Yes, it is.  How about a little “Research 101” here:  you need a decent sample size, and 151 respondents will satisfy a college-level research project, but not real life (in my opinion). Thanks to B-to-B for catching that…

The study was based on an online survey of 151 small-business owners, conducted in March. It found that 51% use social media to acquire and retain customers.

Another puffed-up press release.

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