Kindle Advertising

Showtime, a subscription-based television channel, is not afraid to try new media and/or techniques to promote new shows. Ad Age reports they’re using Amazon’s Kindle to promote “Nurse Jackie,” a new series that starts next week:

Showtime may have finally cracked the code on using Kindle as an ad medium. Starting today the cable network is offering Kindle users a free, downloadable version of the pilot script for its new series “Nurse Jackie,” featuring Emmy Award winner and former “Sopranos” star Edie Falco.

Working with its media shop, Omnicom Group’s OMD, Showtime will use banner ads throughout and on the Kindle storefront to promote the free download, which will be available until Aug. 31. Along with cover art and a title page, the script comes with show scheduling information and a call to action urging readers to visit to watch the premiere of “Nurse Jackie.”

“We were looking at the Kindle as a new concept platform that no one has figured out,” said Jon Haber, U.S. director of OMD’s Ignition Factory. “And while there is no advertising model on it yet, we still saw it as an opportunity to use our client’s content as advertising.”

There’s also a podcast on iTunes (hat tip:

Good idea.

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  1. shopping kindle by

  2. Via Online Media Daily, Amazon’s patents surrounding Kindle ads:

    Two additional patents filed by Amazon, published July 2, describe incorporating targeted advertising in on-demand generated content. These patents, filed in Dec. 2007, provide an example for advertising on Kindle.

    The patents clearly note that Amazon would insert advertisements throughout the ebooks, from the beginning to the end, between chapters or following every 10 pages, as well as in the margins. A cross-reference feature would add annotations, supplemental reference materials, and illustrations, as well as the ability to print on-demand paper copies in PDF and other format files. Kindle relies on Sprint to download content to the reader.

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