Madison Avenue

Here’s another parody, sung to the melody of Don McLean’s “American Pie.”  It’s about the state of network television advertising today, entitled “Mad Ave Blues.” Well done…

MediaPost’s David Goetzl has more about the investment banker behind the video in today’s TV Watch:

Could the producer be a laid-off creative looking to strike back?

Negative. It’s a New York investment banker occupying a cushy Midtown office. One who harbors the two calling cards that make “Blues” so compelling: profound industry knowledge and an acute sense of humor.

By day, the 46-year-old is a specialist in advising the world’s largest media companies on how to capitalize on the could-be digital gold rush. Semi-frequently at night: he’s a veteran Manhattan stand-up comic.

Before “Blues,” McDuff unleashed two previous sardonic YouTube successes: “Wall Street Meltdown I and II” (a third may be coming, but he hopes the economy recovers to save him the trouble).

But the engaging investment banker has chosen to remain anonymous, hiding behind a moniker derived from the name of his yellow Labrador. Which begs the question: Why not take some credit for the clever and canny lyrics in “Blues”? Or get some ups for masterminding the production with little more than an iMac?

“I don’t want any fame… I’m not really interested in anything except doing more business,” he says.

To McDuff, “Blues” is essentially a new-business tool — the equivalent of a sizzle reel that an agency might show at a pitch.

Last week, he debuted it at a digital-media conference he hosted for 250 CEOs. And he’s sent it to other select top executives.

“They’re like, wow that was brilliant, that really demonstrates creativity.”

So McDuff says: “You should see what I can do for you in the boardroom.”

The Wall Street veteran says the biting commentary about the future of the upfront — which has traditionally been in full swing by June — had no bearing on when he released the video. And he says he was not looking to persuade CEOs to abandon network TV.

In fact, McDuff says he’s hardly a “naysayer” about the ancien régime. “I believe (digital is) where the future is,” he says. “That said, I think the old world of media has got a long way to fall.”

The original song does bring back memories. Not only the from 70’s, but of my visit to a pub in Kenmare, Ireland. We Americans couldn’t remember all the words, but the locals did — from start to finish. Singing in pubs is an august tradition.

Here’s Don McLean performing the song live, with the audience singing along nicely…

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