Pink Slip Parties

Networking with recruiters, speed-dating-style:

Around Florida, job placement companies have been hosting “pink slip parties.”

It’s a chance for unemployed workers to meet with prospective employers.

The handshakes and resumes are still there, they’re just accompanied with appetizers and cocktails.

One such party took place in Winter Park on Wednesday. One of the organizers said it’s like speed dating for job seekers.

The job seekers get pink wrist bands, and job recruiters wear blue ones.

At the pink slip party, the idea is to mix a traditional job fair with speed dating, and quickly get a lot of people in need of jobs together with dozens of recruiters looking for new employees.

“It’s basically an alternative to the traditional job fair — a little more relaxed, casual environment,” said Maro Onokpise, the founder of

Organizers said the comfortable environment sets the stage for those out of work to get out of their job seeking comfort zones.

The demand for jobs has never been more competitive, but companies are hiring.

“It could be more,” said Carlos Gil, the founder of “We hope it’s more, but it’s going to be at least 50 companies with jobs to fill tonight. We’re gonna have health care, financial services, IT, medical.”

Each recruiter represents an opportunity for job seekers to forge a new career path.

The event was held at the corner of New England and Park avenues in Winter Park and went on until 8 p.m.

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