On The Wall

(AP Photo/National Gallery of Art, Courtesy of Ed Ruscha)

What you hang on your walls says something about you, your character. Think about your own home. Look around. What do you see?

There’s a new taste for modern art in The White House, via Art Bistro:

You can’t see it, but there’s a quiet cultural revolution under way at the White House.

The Obamas are decorating their private spaces with more modern and abstract artwork than has ever hung on the White House walls. New pieces by contemporary African-American and Native American artists are on display. Bold colors, odd shapes, squiggly lines have arrived. So, too, have some obscure artifacts, such as patent models for a gear cutter and a steamboat paddlewheel, that now sit in the Oval Office.

Check out the slideshow on HuffPo.

One Response

  1. Obama has pulled off the biggest con on the American people ever. Now his ego will grow even bigger(if possible) after this absurd awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize. Even Dem’s are scratching their heads on this one. He should put velcro on the White House walls and hang himself as a real work of modern art.

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