TV Crazy

Broadcast television networks are supposed to be experiencing some audience erosion, and VentureBeat is telling us YouTube will soon be offering 1080p video.

YouTube is going to roll out 1080p high-definition video later this week, as the video portal steps up its quality to compete with other sites. (That’s 1,080 lines of vertical resolution or horizontal scan lines, a notch above the current highest level at 720p.)

“For our content creators, we want it to look as good or better than the source’s quality,” said  Hunter Walk, a director of product management for YouTube, at GigaOm’s NewTeeVee conference in San Francisco today. High-definition video now makes up about 10 percent of uploads on the site.

So how is it that the average American watches 4 hours 49 minutes of TV daily? Wait a minute: nearly five hours every day?! I don’t think I can watch that much in week! What’s your TV habit like? Check out this PDF, with viewing habits going back to 1950.

Now, back to poking around YouTube for quality entertainment — whenever I want to (as long as I have a broadband connection). Here’s one…

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