Happy Tweetsgiving

Great idea, for the second time around, via Mashable

Last year, the very first TweetsGiving was born and the social media effort raised close to $11,000 to build a classroom in Tanzania. This year the Thanksgiving Twitter-themed charity event is back in action and hopes to pull in more than $100,000 in a 48 hour International affair for charity.

If you’re not familiar with TweetsGiving, it’s a global, volunteer-organized social media charity drive starting today and extending through Thanksgiving, similar in purpose and practice to Twestival but built around the notion of celebrating gratitude. TweetsGiving gives back to the Epic Change charity in an effort to raise money to build additional classrooms, a library, cafeteria, and dormitory for a school in Tanzania.

Participating in TweetsGiving is as simple as sharing your gratitude on Twitter (Twitter), or any other social media site, with the hashtag #tweetsgiving and a link to TweetsGiving.org. You can view the tagged gratitude tweets, photos, videos, songs, and blog posts on the TweetsGiving site. You can also retweet to spread the word, donate to the cause, meet the TwitterKids of Tanzania (the kids tweet and blog), or select from the city/state dropdown menu to find and attend one of the local parties or events held across the world.

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