License Plates

Renewed our car’s registration online yesterday, and paused for a moment when asked whether I wanted a special one. No, I don’t need one of those. Vanity plate? No, thank you. Although people can get pretty creative. Locally, there’s a commuter who drives U.S. Route 1 in the Princeton area that some of us have seen with “IH8RT1.”

But this one is in poor taste, via Jalopnik and Andrew Ross Sorkin…

Andrew Ross Sorkin, author of the book “Too Big to Fail,” brings us this personalized license plate belonging to Morgan Stanley Vice-Chairman Rob Kindler who thought it appropriate to make a joke of the current financial mess.

If I were him, I’d change it promptly. This is not good P.R.

Remember the John DeLorean joke from the early 80’s? He used to make cars, now he’s making license plates!

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