Crisis Watch

Fineman PR released their 15th annual “top 10 P.R. blunders” list this week…

1. Military’s Flop of a Photo Op
2. “It’s a Fork, It’s a Spoon, It’s a…Weapon?” (The New York Times)
3. “Goldman Sucks,” blogs Financial Post editor
4. “My God, they’re throwing guitars out there.”
5. Domino’s Recipe for Disaster
6. Kanye West…Wanted – Chief Reality Check Officer
7. “Kentucky Fried Fiasco”
8. We “Expect More” from Target
9. Housing Crisis Solved…the Malibu Way
10. Squawking over Tweets

All good examples, with my personal favorite being Dave Carroll’s experience with United. Completely avoidable, and, ironically, they lost his luggage a few months later. His video has more than 6.6 million views — and counting:

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