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Skype: tytlaa

AIM: andrewtytla

Marketing Artist, L.L.C.
402 Main Street, suite 100-154
Metuchen, NJ 08840

One Response

  1. Hi Andy

    I just saw the Rocco Fanucci blog post on regarding iPhone apps and then read that you are actually the editor of that blog.

    First, I’m very glad that you are all well. I wasn’t sure what to make of the email I received from SES some time ago “Andy Tytla is no longer with company please contact…”. Since then communication with SES has come unfortunately to a complete stand still. The widget is no longer on the site (because they moved domains) and I can’t get hold of any person willing to take action on this. Coming back to the iPhone apps, I actually offered them a colaboration, me developing SES augmented reality apps – could have been a big buzz but again no reply whatsoever. A real shame.

    Again, I’m very glad that you’re all well and all the best


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