The Finger

I get annoyed when I see a poorly-designed roadside billboard. If drivers can’t read or get the message, what good is it? My favorite trick is printing the artwork very small, as in the height of a business card (two inches). If you can read it that size, from three feet away, that’s good artwork. Doesn’t work like print, kids. Same as online works differently than TV.

Driving westbound on Interstate 78 near Bethlehem, PA (yeah, I was there for Christmas), I was intrigued by the “finger” billboard pictured above. Definitely caught my eye from a mile away. Getting closer, I saw the “She’s Tired of Waiting” headline. it was for Robbins Diamonds in Allentown. Brilliant! I almost backed up to take a picture, but we were late for dinner. I did recall buying our engagement ring at their 8th & Walnut location in Philly in 1992.

Gordon Robbins was kind enough to send me a copy of the creative. Excellent use of outdoor advertising! Hope it’s working for them.