Go Green

Yes, the Jets won and some around New York like to call them “gang green” — medically, ugly.  The better green is how you want to save the planet, by yourself. “Going Green” is an individual effort. Saving water, recycling materials or, as some marketers would prefer, buying green products and services.

In the U.S., the perception is new age hippies are those doing something about it. Think again, smarty. Jack Loechner’s “Green Piece” post on today’s Research Brief presents new evidence of a shift in consumer behavior:

Two of the segments present the biggest opportunity for advertisers, says the report… the “trendy” consumers who go green to be cool, and the “deeply committed”.  These segments buy more green products, discuss green issues often, and convince others to make the same green purchases.

  • 80% of the “deeply committed” and 69% of the “trendy” consumers have made a green purchase in the past 6 months
  • 79% of “deeply committed” and “trendy” consumers say that if they like a product they will always tell their friends
  • 70% of the “trendy” and 66% of “deeply committed” consumers who have recently purchased a green alternative product have convinced a family/friend to buy the same product

Self-selecting sample or not, this is significant.