Ski Jumping

If you’ve ever watched TV on Saturday afternoons in the 1970s, you’re sure to remember ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.” During the opening, the words “agony of defeat” showed Slovenian ski jumper Vinko Bogataj crashing off the ramp in 1970. Although the opening changed through the years, this crash clip was included in all of them.

If the show was still running, they might consider including Ukrainian Vitaly Shumbarets, who seemed to do OK in practice recently but ended up in the hospital after this practice jump gone bad yesterday

AP Photos by Dmitry Lovetsky

How ironic that the television production team for ski jumping is Slovenia SLV.

Are You Stupid?

I’ve been unhappy about Winter Olympics coverage for decades. Not enough live events are shown, and I don’t particularly care for the “puff” pieces in between taped highlights.

The wide appeal of sports as TV content is that the outcome is unknown. With results being made available from every outlet imaginable, how many of us know who’ll win before we sit down and watch during prime time? There is only one “prime time” for sports: watching it live.

How entertaining it was to watch this interview on Dutch TV!

Hat tip: TVNewser

UPDATE: Sven was disqualified in the 10,000 meter event

Sven weet ook dat hij veel te danken heeft aan Gerard. Dat zal hij met zo’n moment niet vergeten

His coach is in danger once he gets home.