While at SES AMERICOM, we launched an innovative MPEG-4 IPTV service called IP-PRIME®. Working with Brand Loft, we introduced the service in 2006, and it became commercially available in 2007. I was proud to awe our competitors with an extensive, integrated multi-media campaign.

The video we produced, directed by Paul Sims, was shot entirely in HD and edited at Hagens Recording Studio in Princeton:

The REDiSat Network® was introduced in 2006 via TV spots in the DC Metro DMA. I came up with the name and planned the advertising, as well as the supporting Web site and blog.

Can you guess who did the voice-over? Here’s a hint: “I think you need a bigger boat!”

Here’s the corporate version…

The long-form video supporting a repositioning of the government services division ran just over five minutes long and featured both the CEO and division president:

Here’s the :15 spot used for PBS underwriting…


The most recent company video I worked on…

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  1. This is all so very impressive; I’d not explored your whole site before.

    Really a good job.

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