Web Sites

The best way to improve your marketing communications is through your Web site. How you present your business via the Internet — an inherently two-way medium — gives you the opportunity to take a fresh approach toward everything you do.

I was most recently employed by SES S.A., a Luxembourg-based satellite services company, where I managed branding, advertising and Web sites for nearly 10 years. A truly  high-tech business, we served customers in television and radio broadcasting, Internet access, proprietary networks and government services. The U.S. division is based in Princeton, N.J., which I joined in 1999, while it was a part of General Electric. Formerly, it was a division of RCA.

Previously, I worked in publishing for the Smithsonian and ran a family-owned commercial art/graphics studio, both based in New York. In retrospect, my combined experience gives me a unique set of qualifications for what I’m doing today: advising small businesses and non-profits regarding their communications and messaging via their Web sites.

Here are a few examples of sites completed within the past year…

While at SES, I led the company’s entry into social media, primarily with the creation and development of the corporate blog, www.reallyrocketscience.com, which I now own and continue to edit. The blog was developed with the cooperation of outside consultants, most of whom worked on the Dean Campaign’s “Blog for America” (since renamed to Democracy for America, www.democracyforamerica.com).

In the past 4 years or so, I’ve led the design and development of several other sites, most of which have since changed. I’ll see if I can post some examples here later.

I’d be happy to help you with your site. Call me any time and we’ll talk about it: (1) 609-933-3578.

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