Old School Volleyball

Eugene Selznick passed away last week. He was one of the greats who helped popularize volleyball in the U.S.  Go ahead and read his obit in The New York Times, which contains this beauty of a quote:

On his 75th birthday, Selznick told an interviewer how he had become interested in volleyball, and beach volleyball in particular. “I liked all sports,” he said. “But volleyball was much nicer, because we played on the beach, and there were lots of girls in bathing suits. Those other sports didn’t have that.”

He was also big on “Old School Volleyball,” which I love:

  • Don’t hit into the block.
  • Don’t miss your serves.
  • There is no next time.
  • Be ready to defend the area you left.
  • Creep then fly.
  • Block by grabbing the ball.
  • Any set above the net is good.
  • Help your teammate.
  • Be ready to hit the worst set.
  • Get your hand up and hit the ball down.
  • Don’t stop hitting.
  • Don’t stop playing.
  • Go outside.
  • Serve cross court.
  • Don’t set in front of the blockers.
  • Don’t trap your hitters.
  • Learn to read.
  • Don’t stand behind the block.
  • Follow the ball and be ready to defend and attack (anticipate)
  • A setter can only lose a game, can’t win it.
  • Footwork, Footwork, Footwork

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  1. I always love to play volleyball since it is a great exercise. `

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